September 15, 2015

Marketing for Manufacturing: Is your marketing just a game of snakes and ladders?

furthermore marketingImagine your marketing activities are set on a game board, where things you do right lead you up a ladder and further towards profit.

Suddenly the need for marketing has become a necessity to sell your products.

But what happens when you make a wrong move? You make an oversight or bad decision for something important and suddenly you spiral downwards, as if you’ve reached a snake. 

The game has changed for Manufacturers because they can cut out the ‘Middle Man’. As a consequence of this, they need to understand how to sell directly to the consumer. Suddenly the need for marketing has become a necessity to sell products.

The first change in the buyer’s behaviour – that every manufacturer needs to understand – is how they collect information. Potential customers are searching online for what they need, and contacting suppliers much later in the buying cycle than they were a decade ago. Realising this change is the first step on the board. Every decision should therefore stem from this opportunity.furthermore marketing

The next move will show how your business has attempted to adapt to this change.

How are you trying to guide people to your online platform?

If you are using a mix of offline and online marketing tactics to guide people to your website, then you can climb a ladder to progress on the board. In order to serve a wider variety of customers, a combination of traditional and digital techniques is essential, and these should be targeted to the audience segment.

Now that you have succeeded in moving customers from an ‘information stage’ search, there needs to be some effort to put your business into their consideration. Detailed product information, that is available online, becomes the difference between a potential customer and just another website view. If essential details are unclear or unavailable to the buyer at this time, then it will be an opportunity missed, and you will keep falling behind.

furthermore marketing

Another factor that relies on your awareness of the customer base is the language used online. If your product is sold Internationally, then the website needs to reflect this. Increase sales and improve customer satisfaction by translating the copy and materials into the relevant language. Translation presents a simple solution for business growth, that is often overlooked by manufacturers.A way to get ahead is by ensuring the website design has an ease of use and engaging design. The website is now the face of your company to the majority of customers. Make sure it reflects the brand and company values. Often, the perception of a high quality manufacturer is made from the sophisticated web design. This is another chance to take the ladder towards increased profit.

The final hint for Marketing for Manufacturers is this – Forget the hard-sell! Tailoring messages is a key activity, that needs to incorporate the overall business objectives. Consider what your customer’s problems are and present an exact solution, in an obvious and accessible way. A supplier that seems suitable on a personal level is more likely to be remembered and deemed the most appropriate choice.

These are just some of the Opportunities and Threats presented to a Manufacturer attempting to handle marketing activities. Whilst this might seem like fun and games, mistakes made can seriously damage business, especially if the competition are investing in these changes ahead of you.Read how a global manufacturer climbed all the ladders.


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