The Apprentice Becomes the Master

The Apprentice Becomes the Master

As National Apprenticeship Week 2022 kicks off, we’re celebrating the journey of our social media manager!

As National Apprenticeship Week 2022 kicks off, we’re celebrating the journey of our social media manager who in just three short years has gone from marketing apprentice to the manager of one of the company’s largest departments!

Ella heads up Furthermore Marketing’s busy social media department consisting of seven executives with over 60 clients in tow, and she has certainly put in the work to build her department from the ground up.

Joining us in 2019 as a Level 3 digital marketing apprentice at City College Norwich, Ella was quick to make her mark on the social department, becoming responsible for all the agency’s social media clients. From there, the department exploded with the award of a huge social media contract that soon saw Furthermore’s client list jump from single to double digits.

The pandemic didn’t slow Ella or the department down, cutting her teeth as a social media expert by training internal and external personnel on the ins-and-outs of the service, and soon beginning a trial as a manager, all whilst still completing her apprenticeship.

And the 21-year old’s results speak for themselves. After just nine months, she passed her manager trial with flying colours and had grown the team by five, with the department’s client base sitting at 30 accounts.

Now, Ella leads a team of seven, who look after over 60 clients between them in multiple industries, ranging from energy to food & drink, retail to healthcare, home improvements and many, many more.

Ella said: “Completing my apprenticeship alongside working full-time at a fast-paced agency allowed me the opportunity to get lots of hands-on experience in a variety of marketing specialties and work with multiple industries in a short space of time.

“Working with a full-service agency like Furthermore allowed me to see campaigns piece together from initial strategy, through to delivery and finally reporting, all in a supportive environment with the opportunity for direct mentoring from the Managing Director.

“I have never been limited in my progression at Furthermore, even as an apprentice.”

It’s not just Ella who found a passion for social media through an apprenticeship. Alyssa Newton and Caitlin Topper both began their journey into the world of marketing via apprenticeships, now working with Ella within Furthermore Marketing’s social media team.

Alyssa and Caitlin completed their studies in 2021 and 2020 respectively. Alyssa, who joined Furthermore in 2020, is now the community manager at the company, heading up an exciting new department, and Caitlin is one of the social team’s strategists, creating overarching plans for the department’s 65 clients.

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