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The idea of incorporating social media into your business or adding it as part of your marketing strategy can seem daunting and even confusing at first.

Ella Denson-Smith

Social Media Executive

The idea of incorporating social media into your business or adding it as part of your marketing strategy can seem daunting and even confusing at first.  Especially, if you don’t have much previous experience with it. This confusion often escalates whenever we tell people that directly selling your products and services on social media might do the opposite of generating sales.

Selling through storytelling

When posting on social media, sales should be in the back of your mind. We know… this sounds a bit strange. But by engaging your audience via educating, entertaining, or inspiring them through storytelling, you will naturally build up more of an audience to your brand and further down the line increase the chance of sales.

Your business page should be like your dream employee

The best way we’ve found to explain this concept is to treat your social media page as a person. A physical, living and breathing human who you’d see walking down the street. It’s the same as hiring someone to be the face of your business, because essentially, that’s what it is. 

Much like when you’re hiring a person to represent your business, you’d want them to capture and present your business accurately, and be professional. You’d also want them to be helpful, engaging and even inspire other employees. These also need to be your goals for social media.

Keep your customers in the friend zone!

Now, imagine if that person came up to you when you walked through the doors of your business and just started shouting at you. Spouting off all this information about what sales you have on, what products they sell and how much they are. You’d probably feel a bit overwhelmed and not be overly keen to buy something (or to go back). But, if they started up a conversation relevant to the business, you got talking and you liked what you were hearing or found it interesting, over time a relationship would build up. Then when you were looking to buy something, they would be the first person you would go to. 

That is how social media works. Ultimately it’s about connections. Growing trustworthy relationships that last and are equally beneficial to both the business and the customer.

FurtherMore’s takeaway tips

  • Don’t let selling be the backbone and sole purpose of your social media! Instead create posts that either educate, inspire or entertain (or ideally combine all three!)
  • Treat social media as a member of staff, ensure they accurately represent you and reflect what your company is about. 
  • Your ultimate aim is to build relationships with your followers; build up trust and they’ll keep coming back.. whether its for information or to buy your product or service or even for a chat (it is called social media after all!).
  • Remember: it’s natural and necessary to discuss your products and services on social media. Just try to incorporate the sales subtly and make sure you are posting a good balance of different types of content too! 

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