Norfolk Chambers New Website

The Norfolk Chambers of Commerce exist to help Norfolk businesses fulfil their potential by building opportunities, provide access to policymakers and government, networking and developing relationships, training and events designed to support businesses from international corporations to self-employed startups.

The Chamber is putting digital at the heart of its offer and asked FurtherMore Marketing to work with them and produce a web platform that can support their 21st Century goals.

Services involved:

The Project

The Norfolk Chambers were hindered in the delivery of their ambitious aims by an old website that had reached end of life. That said, it represented over ten years of customer engagement with member news and blogs that contributed to a strong ranking presence in search. Starting from scratch wasn’t an option!

In addition, the Chamber has invested in a new CRM which holds records on everything from their membership to the cost and schedule of events.

Norfolk Chambers Of Commerce | Furthermore Marketing Digital Marketing Agency
Norfolk Chambers Of Commerce | Furthermore Marketing Digital Marketing Agency
Norfolk Chambers Of Commerce | Furthermore Marketing Digital Marketing Agency

How we helped them

We were tasked with developing a new website for the Chamber that could be expanded upon later, whilst including all the great content they had amassed on their old system. This would then be integrated with the CRM to allow for fluid interaction between their back office and the digital front end.

Before we started designing the new site we had to pore over thousands of historic content records in their old Drupal site. We ended up writing an import mechanism with over 10,000 lines of code that would take the entire 30GB database of the old site and reformat and import it into a WordPress friendly format.

This ensured that all the historic Member records and the linked news articles they had created over the years remained intact.

We then developed a fantastic new front end that echoed the rebrand the Chamber had recently undergone, with a focus on improving the performance of the site on touch devices.

As we were working we discovered the Chamber were using a great system to create a Knowledge Hub, full of the distilled wisdom from Norfolk businesses designed to help users help themselves with news, podcasts and videos.

We recommended building this into the website, allowing the Chamber to drop the third-party subscription to pay for the platform and bring it in-house onto the website. This not only saved them money but improved the experience for users already on the Chamber website.

The new Knowledge Hub is now another highly successful strand to the Chamber website, giving businesses a genuine advantage with ideas and information geared to their needs.

Phase Two of the project is now underway as we embark on more closely integrating the new CRM with the website and getting the Chamber one step closer to the digital revolution they are offering to Norfolk’s business community.