One-Dyas – POPM Case Study

The ONE-Dyas POPM is famous in the Furthermore office. A complex, technical document, the POPM is no mean feat. And ONE-Dyas came to us with a requirement to update this document.

Lacking consistency, brand identity, and missing key sections and technical drawings, we were tasked with creating a ‘user-friendly’ version from the ground-up.

Services involved:

The Project

ONE-Dyas’ Procedures and Policy Manual (POPM) for their offshore asset is a large, technical document. Our graphic designers were tasked with updating it into a user-friendly version using new branding, a visually consistent theme, updated technical drawings, and more. In addition, ONE-Dyas also wanted to ensure the new version could be easily updated in future should parts of the asset change.

How we helped them

Our team pitched a ‘POPM for dummies’ solution. Providing a fixed, repeatable layout for content that helps users navigate to relevant content as required, we also highlighted important points with a “notice” or “alert” box. This particularly impressed the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), as it drew attention safely to key points.

All technical drawings featured new, defined colour swatches, line styles, icons and labels that remained consistent and easily identifiable throughout the large document.

In addition, we created a SharePoint location to store all content and technical drawings, allowing the latest version of each POPM section to be easily accessible to whomever needed it and updates could be made when required.

The result was a cohesive, consistent, and comprehensible document that met ONE-Dyas’ exacting requirements whilst juggling input from multiple sources within the company.

“We have worked with Furthermore Marketing for six years. They deliver projects for us across our UK, Norwegian and Dutch offices, working with demanding teams on large and small projects. They are often required to manage multiple stakeholders across Europe and the UK, managing language barriers and varying approaches.  It has always been a pleasure to work with the team and they have always delivered above and beyond our expectations.”

Their attention to detail and ability to bring anything to life has seen us work with the Furthermore Marketing team on some very exciting projects including the management documents for two of our entire North Sea assets, which they made interactive and worked on some very technical drawings for. Again, this was delivered to the highest standard.”

“In addition, they have created a range of assets for us from twenty-minute-long feature videos to posters and other creative campaigns.”

Peter Nieuwenhuijze, CEO – ONE-Dyas