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One of our longest-standing clients came to us with a new challenge that many businesses found themselves facing three months into 2020: Covid-19.

As the world’s travel network ground to a halt in the face of a global pandemic, aviation charter company SaxonAir needed a solution to continue to propel their socials and help their audience navigate the unknown.

Services involved:

The Project

Already one of our clients, SaxonAir needed a shift in perspective, highlighting aspects of the business that were not affected by limitations that had arisen because of the pandemic.

This posted the question: How do you switch up the content without boring your audience and switching them off?

SaxonAir | Furthermore Marketing Digital Marketing Agency
SaxonAir | Furthermore Marketing Digital Marketing Agency

How we helped them

One of the first things we did was shift our priority towards a more organic approach, with an overarching goal to grow each channel’s awareness, both within the East Anglia region and to the national business community. By discovering new audiences, we were able to achieve consistent traffic and engagement, growing channels in particular areas.

To facilitate this, we switched the angle of the content to focus on more of the company’s ground-based offerings. This came under three main focus areas:


SaxonAir don’t just offer charter flights; the company also provides hangar storage, events, and business tenancies within their Business Aviation Centre. They also operate an aircraft maintenance and management service. Whilst this content was consistent throughout their activity prior, we shifted the angle to highlight the benefits of these services despite the restrictions in place and position them as the experts.


SaxonAir are leading the way in sustainable aviation, championing innovations targeted at reducing the industry’s carbon footprint and

sharing resources that allow other businesses to do the same. The pandemic allowed this content to be brought to the fore, particularly on socials. This included highlighting their sustainability initiatives and partnerships with the likes of tree planters, Gone West, the addition of bee hives to the airport, and their work with Explorers Against Extinction on projects such as Sketch for Survival.

Health & Safety

Throughout 2020 and 2021, health and safety become a huge focus. From outlining cleaning processes through to steps SaxonAir were taking to ensure business charter clients were protected from coronavirus during their trips, this content was also introduced across socials.

The result saw the SaxonAir audience grow across Instagram and LinkedIn, welcoming new subsections of audiences that stuck around once travel began to open again. These themes continue in SaxonAir’s social content today, coming together to deliver a vibrant and varied content schedule that satisfies a varied audience.

“Furthermore Marketing and their team provide us with a quick, proactive, and innovative approach to the social media management of our channels. From same day updates through to pre-planned campaigns, the team are always coming up with ideas that drive our accounts forward.

With fantastic growth achieved thanks to Furthermore’s efforts, the team have also used their forward-thinking approach and networks to connect us with relevant brands and open the door to some exciting brand collaborations, exceeding our expectations of social media management.”

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