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The organic management of national dealership SLM is no small feat; with 24 social media profiles covering 12 branches across the UK and 4 individual major manufacturer guidelines to follow, the brand needed a robust social strategy that elevated their reach whilst adhering to strict brand guidelines.

Services involved:

The Project

SLM engaged our services for their 12 branches across the UK. With strict guidelines for major manufacturers Toyota, Nissan, Vauxhall, and Lexus, the SLM team needed a strong organic strategy that followed these to the line.

Each manufacturer has its own set of guidelines and goals relevant to the individual branches.

Alongside this, each dealership has its own localised audience, requiring an adaptive approach designed to increase local brand awareness, improve customer service support, and generate organic leads for each branch.

Throw in cross-channel campaigns, regular new model launches and a goal to engage each dealership with increasing their social output and you’ve got a careful balancing act to maintain. Luckily, SLM came to the right place.

SLM Group | Furthermore Marketing Digital Marketing Agency
SLM Group | Furthermore Marketing Digital Marketing Agency
SLM Group | Furthermore Marketing Digital Marketing Agency

How we helped them

Regular, tailored content carefully paired with themes that matched not only SLM’s brand values, but the individual manufacturer’s guidelines and local community values were integral to the overarching social and content strategy.

By making use of a variety of platforms and delivery methods, including stories, groups, Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business, we were able to create a proactive and reactive strategy that incorporated pre-planned content with fresh and flexible content relevant to each dealership each week.

Customer service is a huge focus for the brand. Responding to all messages within an hour alongside picking up and responding to all reviews same day, positive or otherwise, means everything is dealt with in real time whilst the customer is still engaged, creating a positive interaction between the brand and the customer.

Social listening allows us to keep an ear on customer conversations on behalf of the brand as well as identifying and deflating any crisis PR instances early, minimising disruption and damage to the brand.

All our activity feeds into a monthly report, giving us valuable insights into our activity. Here, we can move away from testing and put our weight behind methods that we know work, drilling down into specific metrics like link clicks, calls, and interactions to understand which approach generates the desired outcome.

The launch of the All New Yaris Cross is a great example of this. Managing 4 influencer collaborations in the creation of content to support paid activity, alongside an organic campaign designed to increase awareness locally, we needed to know which techniques were generating which outcomes. By focusing on the details, we were able to build an overarching report to show return on investment for each element of the campaign.

“We have developed a great partnership with Furthermore Marketing. They are very responsive to any questions we have and keep us informed; we agree on timelines, and they always deliver. They also understand our requirements within the motor industry and what are trying to achieve.

“We really believe that they have made a big difference to our social media platforms with the content that we are posting which has increased our customer engagement.

“They are very proactive, insightful and forward thinking in providing ideas for projects which is very exciting, and we are looking forward to seeing great things in the near future with their help!”

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