XOCEAN design

Having won a tender to support ocean data specialists XOCEAN with their marketing efforts, we have consistently supported the team on their journey to position XOCEAN as a leading global provider of ocean data through the use of Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) with one of our graphic design retainers.

Services involved:

The Project

XOCEAN required the support of an agency in several areas, including B2B marketing campaigns, art direction & visual creation, and PR & media relations. As a rapidly expanding brand providing turnkey data collection services, XOCEAN needed marketing efforts to support the acquisition of new customers and investors whilst simultaneously positioning them as the leading service provider for ocean data collection using USVs.

Alongside this, the brand also required support with their visibility as they launched products and services into new and existing markets, ensuring a consistent brand identity and message across the board that exudes expertise.

How we helped them

We identified a graphic design retainer as the best solution for XOCEAN. By implementing this solution and working closely alongside the team at XOCEAN, our designers seamlessly aligned with them, becoming an extension of their own team. With this came a multitude of benefits, including intimate knowledge of their branding, fast turnaround times, an ability to deliver across all mediums and, importantly, being cost-effective.

By using one of our design retainers, we were able to keep the relationship with XOCEAN simple, removing barriers such as quoting per job and being dictated by the design schedule as to when their projects could be completed.

By working so closely with XOCEAN, our designers have successfully created an impressive portfolio of assets for the brand. From social media graphics and 3D mock-ups through to printed projects and event collateral, our designers work with the team to workshop new and innovative ideas, greatly improved by the close relationship created between our teams as a result of the retainer.

As part of the retainer, a multi-channel and multi-media approach was required in terms of XOCEAN’s visual identity and content, including video, social media posts, printed collateral, stand designs, and infographics. Each deliverable needed to have a distinctive brand look, ensuring that visuals for social media posts lined up with physical exhibition stands whilst being designed with their intended use in mind.

By being involved with videography in the pre-and post-production phases, as well as photography in the post-production phase, we were able to ensure unity from the beginning. Alongside physically attending events and filming content on location, we reviewed and refined b-roll footage to create professional designs.

Our designers developed a strong brand identity for XOCEAN through the creation of consistent digital and printed marketing materials created by specialists in animation and graphic design.

The efficacy of this strategy was amplified by the implemented graphic design retainer, allowing greatly fluidity and harmony between the Furthermore team and XOCEAN team.