Designers coming together during COVID-19

Designers coming together during COVID-19

As shops start to reopen, drivers squeeze up nose to bumper for Big Mac meals and BBQs become the ‘new normal’ – things are looking up!

As shops start to reopen, drivers squeeze up nose to bumper for Big Mac meals and BBQs become the ‘new normal’ – things are looking up!

After months of working from home and countless Zoom quizzes in PJs, some of the Furthermore Marketing team have returned to the office. Adjusting to the new social distancing rules, with tea runs a thing of the past and hand sanitising becoming everyone’s new favourite hobby, the creative team have been reflecting on how the design community kept their creative sparks alive!

It’s been incredible to see how the design community has come together to offer support and advice to fellow creatives, dropping competitive barriers in order to help as many businesses and freelancers get through this.

The design world has been booming with innovative ideas, self-help articles, websites for people looking for artistic guidance and inspiring initiatives. We’ve cherry picked a few of our favourite examples for you below:


Topping up your creative energy with a digital coffee

As students come to the end of their studies, the need for feedback on their work whilst everyone is working remotely and networking is sparse has been a challenge – when you’re showing your work in-person, there’s no risk of your housemate slowing the meeting down by streaming Tiger King!

Carly Ayres, a creative A-Lister from Google Design, realised this difficulty and has set up the ‘digital coffee’ initiative to make things easier.

The initiative enables design graduates and students to chat with an industry professional, receiving free advice on their portfolios – a lot of other creative giants have followed suit too! These short meetings don’t take up too much time either, which can be a worry with online networking.

Students can also benefit from free Adobe Creative Cloud right up until July, as design lectures shift to an online space.


Isolation hasn’t felt isolating thanks to design communities

With freelance designers struggling to get commissions during this dry design spell, Fiasco Design Creative Director Ben Steers put a callout on Twitter for agency owners/directors to join a private Slack channel.

Through this channel, like minded creatives can come together to discuss, critique and inspire each other, building a community for the foreseeable future.

We are seeing more communities pop up across social media channels where industry professionals can share their artwork and expertise. A Facebook group called ‘The Designers League’ is a similar setup, where young designers, students and senior professionals can chat in a creative space, getting much needed advice and feedback on a vast array of work.


Special deliveries with #POSITIVEPOST

Britain’s key workers have been working incredibly hard over the past couple of months, dealing with situations that have been stressful and often exhausting. Every Thursday the UK came together to ‘Clap for our Carers’ to show support for our heroes.

Similarly, the #POSITIVEPOST initiative created by Bookblock is a service where customers can pick illustrative postcards and have them delivered to loved ones. The only cost is the postage which is donated to the NHS.

It is a showcase of stunning work from talented illustrators employing various styles – this is an incredible example of how creative companies can directly support the cause, whilst giving much needed exposure to freelance illustrators.


IKEA are true ‘fort’ leaders!

There’s a reason why people queued up for hours outside IKEA stores around the UK as the restrictions slowly eased – everyone loves the unique brand!

There’s something about flat packed furniture that just gets the heart racing, maybe it’s the enigma like instruction manuals or the magic of seeing a box transform into a bunk bed!?

Adding to this immense love for DIY, IKEA released instructions on how to build forts for your children to play in during lockdown.

What an amazing way for a household name to connect with their customers on a personal level. There are a number of forts to pick from and I will definitely be making Fort FurtherMore at the weekend!

Well done IKEA!


This is how you boss a 3D fashion show…

Anifa Mvuemba, founder of fashion label Hanifa, held a virtual fashion show, streamed over Instagram Live with 250,000 followers tuning in. During a time where social distancing is key, fashion shows with tightly packed audiences are pretty tricky!

Anifa managed to show off her garments on 3D models against a black backdrop, giving the impression that they were being worn by ghosts. This technique is an example of using creative technology to mimic the world as we are used to seeing it, whilst adhering to strict social distancing guidelines.

As a result, Anifa secured pre-orders on all of her garments and creatives alike have been applauding her on the success of her forward-thinking event that could shape the future of fashion!

Seeing so many talented people express themselves and help other creatives out throughout this pandemic has lifted our spirits.

When people collaborate to elevate others, it makes you realise how lucky we are as creatives. This industry is constantly changing, evolving, growing and developing. I’m excited for the future and I’m proud of the creative field for not letting up and continuing to prove how incredible the people who design and shape our culture are.

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