#HaveYouHadYourWeetabix or were you late to the party?

Beanz Means Likez!

Ella Denson-Smith

Social Media Executive

The level of engagement this Tweet received was amazing, with over 30,000 retweets, 58,400 quotes and 102,200 likes, all because they decided to be rather bold and put beans on Weetabix (whether that was an acceptable thing to do or not is another issue).

However, the best part about this post wasn’t the resounding levels of engagement, but instead, who was engaging. Some incredibly well known brands, companies and organisations used this Tweet to get creative, cleverly putting their own twist on their responses and it left the whole of Twitter laughing. 

From the NHS to Sainsburys and even Tinder, many mega brands used this as the great opportunity it was, to boost their own brand. This Tweet managed to provide a moment of relief and fun when many brands have spent the last few months only responding to serious matters. But when replying to this tweet, we got to see the fun and extremely entertaining sides to their business! The question is…did your business grasp the opportunity to make a quirky remark?

As we spent our Tuesday nights reading through all of the replies, laughing rather hysterically at the responses and finding ourselves mildly curious about what a gravy-filled doughnut would taste like, our thoughts went out to the social media managers of smaller businesses and accounts. Why you ask? Because we knew many would be waiting all day and long into the night to get approval on a post responding to this tweet. 

One of the most important factors of running a successful social media profile is being reactive. Social media happens quickly, and this should be reflected in how you use it.  This includes hopping on trends and getting involved with what’s happening, as it’s happening. It can be one of the best ways to utilise the attention and promote your business. Especially if you get clever with it!

But if you are being overly cautious and always playing it safe, are you missing out? 

Many businesses want to be noticed and to stand out, but are often too scared to do anything different or bold. Never taking chances can leave your social media feeling stagnant leading to the real question, how safe is too safe? And is a responsive post really going to be so damaging if it isn’t approved first? Also, if Pfizer, a very serious (and probably very stressed) business are taking the risk and tweeting, why aren’t you? 

If the Weetabix tweet has taught us anything, it’s to be bold and reactive as the payoffs of a quick response are very likely to outweigh the risk!

And before we go, one more question…would you put beans on your Weetabix?

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