June 30, 2015

How to deal with negative comments on social media.

Your finger hovers over the delete button because the negative comment shines out like a beacon for all to see. But stop, ask yourself if burying your head in the social media sand is going to help the situation?

If you were face to face with a customer and they complained would you turn away and ignore them? No, you would take the time to listen and acknowledge their concerns. The same applies across all mediums. Here are a few tips on dealing with negative comments so you can douse the flames and not fan the fire.


  • Deal with it swiftly. People become irate if they are ignored and this could lead to more negative comments.


  • Acknowledging and sympathizing. The magic words ‘I’m sorry your unhappy’ this is key. You’re not accepting the blame but acknowledging someone’s annoyance and keeping lines of communication open so you can take the next step of dealing with the complaint.


  • Direct away. Ask them to continue discussions through email, phone or private message. You don’t need to air your dirty laundry in view of other users.


  • Put your hands up. If the fault really does lie with you then apologize. If you deal with the complaint by making excuses or try to direct blame to others it can refuel the dispute.


  • Turn that frown upside down. If good customer care has been given negatives can turn into positives. Dealing with the complaint swiftly can turn them into a loyal customer because they know if there is a problem you deal with it.


  • Sing from the same song sheet. If you have more than one person running social media put a complaints procedure in place. If you do experience negative comments or complaints everyone knows the right and wrong way to deal with it.



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