How to Hashtag 101

How to Hashtag 101

What do hashtags actually do? As a company who uses hashtags every day for multiple clients, we can confirm that there is not one straight answer to these questions…

At FurtherMore Marketing we often get asked questions like;

How do I use hashtags for my campaign?

Which hashtags do I need to use to get the most likes on my posts?

What do hashtags actually do?

As a company who uses hashtags every day for multiple clients, we can confirm that there is not one straight answer to these questions…

Mind. Blown. 🤯

However, what we can tell you is how to fully utilise them and maximise your chances of successful hashtag use.

Searching the internet for answers will give you many controversial results, one article will contradict another and another will want ££ to help you, which makes it impossible to determine what is right. The reason for this is because at one point in time, the person that stated “#love is the best hashtag to use” was right… however that only applied in the second week of Feb 2012 💔

Let us break them down for you to better understand.


What is a hashtag?

# + any word = #hashtag

Hashtags are used across social media platforms to identify messages on specific topics. For example a user on Twitter may want to go on a cycle ride, so they put out a tweet asking “Best routes in Norfolk to go on a cycle ride? 🚴‍♂️ #Bike #NorfolkCycleRoutes #Cycling #Norfolk” – Each individual hashtag has been picked up by an algorithm on this platform that will group this tweet with other tweets with similar wording. So now when Ben the bike enthusiast logs onto twitter and searches for #bike or #cycling that tweet will show for him to comment. Hashtags in layman terms categorize and group together topics of conversation to make it easier for the users with actual interest to find.


How to use hashtags appropriately

We have a process for finding the right hashtags, a checklist in fact. Using the right hashtags is key to extending your post’s reach and delivering your message to your intended audience to get the best interactions so always bare in mind who you are aiming for. We believe all posts need a combination of trending, brand specific, industry and location hashtags, once you have *specific and appropriate* hashtags for your post, follow these rules for each platform:

  • Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags, do not copy and paste the same hashtags to each post. It is up to you if you want to use all 30, find what works for your profile over time.
  • Twitter has a limit of characters per message, try to prioritise hashtags over the content of the message. If it is a large message, spread it over a few tweets or put the rest in the first comment. This is vital for the tweet to reach past your follower list.
  • Facebook’s algorithm uses hashtags to categorize content however they don’t   impact your posts reach heavily in 2020. We still recommend using 2-10 hashtags relevant to your post.
  • LinkedIn benefits most from quirky unique hashtags as well as industry specific, there is no limit to how many you can use however using loads can flag your post up as spam. Our recommended amount is between 3-7.


How to find the best hashtags

The best way to find the most effective hashtags for your page is by doing the following:

  • For platforms like twitter, find out the top 5 trending hashtags for that day and attempt to work that into a tweet.
  • Bloggers relevant to your industry tend to discuss their strategies on social media or their blogs, keep up to date with what they recommend and use as these will be more specific to your brands business sector.
  • Tag your region and/or city + any other relevant local hashtags.
  • Use online tools such as Rite Tag or Hashtagify. We don’t recommend copy and pasting all that their results show, however go through and cherry pick the hashtags that are appropriate.
  • You can make your own hashtags for certain campaigns, such as Nike’s #justdoit, and encourage users to tag it in their posts. This is helpful for engaging more with your audience.

Tip: One way you can check how popular the hashtag is on Instagram, is by finding out how often it is used. It is good to use a range of widely used and less frequently used hashtags.

We hope this breakdown has helped you better understand hashtags!


We know how long optimising your hashtags for your posts can take, if you are stuck for time and need our assistance, feel free to contact us at or 📞 call 01603 273131.

We have dedicated teams who will actively carry out this research for you to keep your companies social presence up to date with all the latest trends.

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