Stuck with your social media strategy?

FurtherMore Marketing are experts in clever campaigns and consistent content. We don’t just write relevant post content, we put together full social media schedules which tie in with your business objectives. With this approach, we can help you turn your followers into a fan base, creating a community that are engaged with your brand.

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Benefits of our social media management

  • Follower growth

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Reporting and analysis

  • Engagement with potential customers
  • Account management

  • Social media audit

Read on to learn more about examples of campaigns we have created and run for our clients.

Putting people on the map

When first taking on the SaxonAir social channels, the main areas of focus involved making their page, content and services more accessible to the general public whilst showcasing their expertise and without losing the luxury associated with flying privately. We also aimed to expand the reach of each social page and follower growth. 

To tackle this we implemented a regular posting strategy to amplify their organic social, focused on using high quality, diverse and interesting images paired with excellent copy that prompted a response from followers. We accompanied this with paid social, using targeted boosting to help amplify their reach. 

Additionally, we helped them collaborate with brands/companies on social media that they partner with offline and helped run campaigns with them to spread awareness and increase page engagement. 

As a company SaxonAir are involved in many initiatives and offer a range of charter services. We’ve tailored their social pages to reflect this using informative and exciting content that grabs peoples attention, enables collaborations and helps to generate leads. 

As part of a joint campaign between Niche Cocktails and SaxonAir, the team created a map and mini cocktail illustrations to use in an animation that was posted on both Instagram accounts to launch and track a competition.

We decided to use animation for this campaign as video content is proven to be more engaging on an Instagram feed. Animation helps to capture and retain viewers’ attention for longer periods of time than static content.

This competition received many comments with viewers getting involved, so we added in mini cocktail pins for each suggestion onto the map!