Jarrold Training


It has been Jarrold Training’s pleasure to work with Alexis, and her team at Furthermore Marketing, on a number of occasions.  While most of these have been tactical pieces of work, it has always impressed me how Furthermore consistently endeavour, and succeed, to understand the deeper reasons behind the activity. They have enhanced our projects with insight, been challenging, responsive and a pleasure to work with.

One of the single most impressive things about Furthermore is that I genuinely feel they care. An example would be where I experienced their ownership and ‘battling on our behalf’ with an important project where they negotiated an improved outcome after a third party supplier had not met expectations. They invested discretionary effort on our behalf. I trust the team at Furthermore. I feel that they know who we are as Jarrold Training and where we want to go. I enjoy working with them. They add benefit and value to Jarrold.

Elliot Symonds, Jarrold Training