LJ Create


I’m delighted to say that Alexis has become a member of our LJ ‘family’. We asked her team to come in and devise a new marketing strategy with the short-term (8 month) goal of creating more business in our USA market and the longer term goal of increasing our profile across domestic and international markets.

After an initial series of consultations, I expected a team to appear with graphics boards and presentations – just like the US TV programmes – instead Alexis quickly determined that we have plenty of marketing talent already in our organisation, most of whom were tied up with other things. This concept took some time to appreciate since I thought I was getting the marketing job off our shoulders, but giving Alexis a little time to implement her plan was the best decision I’ve made.

With hard work, enthusiasm and unflagging good humour Alexis has turned us into a great marketing team, pulling together skills and knowledge from what seems like half the company. We’ve met our short term target and we’ve started on the next phase of our marketing journey. Now we talk about marketing every day and incorporate it into every decision we make.
The Furthermore team did not come to us with a standard marketing template. They say that they will tailor a solution to fit your needs and this is exactly what Alexis did for us. Our answer may not be what you need but I have no hesitation in recommending Alexis as the person most likely to find a solution for you.

Chris Rowe, Managing Director