Orbis Energy

Design and events

We engaged FurtherMore Marketing to work with us in delivering two different series of events at OrbisEnergy. Lexi took the time to understand what we were trying to achieve and make it a reality. Lexi, and her team, organised event sponsors and partners across an industry they had limited direct experience in and quickly pulled together both series’. They integrated incredibly well with our existing teams and have left us with a structure that we ourselves can happily take forward in the future.

The FurtherMore team developed some exciting collateral to market the series and we would happily engage them again as the process was seamless. The series have been such a success overall that one of our sister facilities, the Beacon Innovation Centre, is now also running a series with Lexi and her team to replicate what was achieved here at Orbis.

Johnathan Reynolds, Business Development for OrbisEnergy