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Public Relations

Our Solution

With tight timescales and upcoming media deadlines flexibility was the main requirement. We met with the college to determine the narrative and work out the key messaging for the College.

We then determined the publications which were most aligned to the ambitions of the College. This principally involved working with Energy Sector publications, with whom we enjoy a good working relationship already.

Within 48 hours we had drafted then finalised the press releases, issuing them to the relevant media. We never just hit “send” and forget about it. We always ensure we pick up the phone and speak to journalists, giving them the details of the story and seeing where there are editorial synergies we can work with.

The Results

The initial press release was widely picked up, leading East Coast College to ask us to deliver a further two press releases. We were able to secure publication in all the target media we had identified; The EDP, Lowestoft Journal, OffshoreWind.biz, reNews.biz, Offshore Wind Journal and The Engineer.

The press release published online. Copyright OffshoreWIND.biz

Return on Investment

The success of PR is often qualified by comparing the cost of placing an advert to the amount of editorial copy that is used. An inside quarter page of reNews.biz alone costs £815, so amplified across all the publications the College enjoyed the equivalent of thousands of pounds worth of coverage for a fraction of that sum. That’s a great return on investment!

Crucially, editorial often carries more weight than advertising. Advertising is what you say about yourself. PR is what other say about you. For that reason, PR is often a great way to communicate your message whilst enjoying greater credibility than advertising alone.