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How can Pay Per Click Advertising work for your business?

Let's imagine you are selling towels and take an advert out in the paper. You don't know if your customers found you because of the advert or some other means. Your customer may not be thinking about towels at the moment, so they may ignore your advert. When they are looking for towels you can only hope they remember your advert!

Pay per click advertising is different. We can place adverts with Google or Bing, so that when a user searches for words like "soft towels" or "white bath sheets", they see adverts for your business like "Luxury, Soft Hotel Towels At Sale Prices!".

Imagine how much more effective that is- showing a relevant advert to an engaged user who is looking for your product, right now!

No long-term contracts so you can try it for your business.

We ask for a 3-month commitment to PPC for your business. If you don't think it's for you, you can stop it without being trapped in a 12-month contract!

We'll be honest about your options.

Sometimes, we tell people that PPC may not be the right fit for them. If that's the case with you we'll help you find a solution that works instead.

The beauty of PPC is that you can measure results. We will work with you to set a monthly budget so you're always in control of what you spend. Your ads are shown to everyone but you only pay when someone clicks.

We will track users progress through your website and measure whether they complete "conversion goals". This could be completing a sale on an e-commerce website, or completing an enquiry form or calling a telephone number.

Our managed PPC customers get monthly reports showing visitor traffic, where those visitors came from and what they did on the website. This lets us find weaknesses in the website that might be stopping a cusomter from completing a sale or picking up the phone.

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