Form, meet function

The humble pencil.

Simple to use, no user manual required, and yet capable of spreading information that can transform the world.

We build websites for your business with those goals in mind.

We build responsive websites with clear calls to action that speak to your customers.

Your website is the centre of your digital presence, in fact it may be your only point of contact your customers use. Web design is important, but our approach is to get to the heart of what your customers want when they visit your website.

We develop personae for your customer types, asking who they are and what they want. We combine this with an analysis of Google Analytics, looking at the behaviour flow through the website.

We’ll work with you to identify goals, calls to action that you want customers to complete. It may be a purchase, requesting a brochure or an enquiry form; whatever the goal we work step-by-step to build a website that funnels the right visitors to complete that goal.

A website shouldn’t just look pretty - it should be a lead-generation machine, working 24 hours a day.

We break new web projects into three stages:

Strategy and Planning

Clearly articulate the project goals, what do customers want to achieve on the new website and what goals does the business have for the website. Personae are written for the customer types, and flowcharts are developed for any complex processes such as automated email generation or PDF invoice creation.

Wireframing and Design

We produce low-fidelity wireframes to understand the page structure and information architecture of the website. This is then followed by high-fidelity mockups, PDFs that show the new website at a mobile and desktop resolution.

Build and Testing

Following signoff of the designs, we build the website and deploy it to a staging server where the customer can evaluate it “live”. Before we go live, the site is rigorously tested on different desktop browsers and mobile devices.

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