Social Media is your customers' primary means of communication.

Is your business treating it like an afterthought?

If you’re not communicating with your customers through social media, you’re missing out on one of the best ways to grow your client base.

Think about it: your customer Jane, an avid user of your product or service, likes or shares something you put out on your social media.

Now, all of Jane’s network will see her post.

That’s potentially hundreds of people with similar interests, income level and geographic location. That’s potentially dozens of new customers who hear about you, all because someone shared your post.

Thanks Jane!

From training and ad hoc support to complete social media management, we have flexible options to suit you.

For some clients, we completely manage their social media accounts. Typically, that includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We develop content a month in advance, which clients receive at the end of each month. This includes every post, tweet, image or message that will be posted and a timestamp to show what time and date or channel. These are posted to go out automatically, but our social media executives also look for ways to engage people spontaneously with your brand. They research trending hashtags and tie in content to be delivered at a time when it will have the most impact.

Social media engagement is measured across all platforms and sent to you as a report at the end of each month. We use these statistics to learn what works and where to focus our effeorts next month.

Alternatively, some customers just need a hand with strategy. If you have team members who can write content and post it on social media we can still help you develop a social media managment strategy. We’ll help you decide how to manage your social media for the year, what goals to set and how to measure success.

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