Social Media Management

Your time is precious. Any good social media strategy has multiple moving parts, from ensuring a consistent brand voice to maintaining a regular posting schedule, and that’s not to mention staying on top of the latest trends and algorithm updates. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, you’ve found us! 🥳

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Your time is precious. Any good social media strategy has multiple moving parts, from ensuring a consistent brand voice to maintaining a regular posting schedule, and that’s not to mention staying on top of the latest trends and algorithm updates. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, you’ve found us! 🥳

Social Media Strategy

Your social profile is just the tip of the iceberg – there’s so much more under the surface that can increase touchpoints with your ideal customer, increasing your chances of reaching a wider audience and supporting your business goals.

Don’t tweet into the abyss; with a strong social strategy, let’s make sure your message packs a punch! Good social media management takes more than just your time. Platform knowledge, keeping up with social trends, and creating quality content are just a few of the elements you’ll need to commit to. Without them, you may find your engagement and reach circling the drain.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to social, and there’s more to it than churning out content. Our social media service aligns seamlessly with other Digital Marketing services as well as our Creative & Branding and Web Design services, giving you a confident, consistent, and continuous brand voice.

Social Media Content Creation

Let’s face it, producing social media creative content can be a challenge. You have to think of ideas that are not only relevant to your brand and audience, but also fresh and on-trend. Enter our team of executives who live, breathe, and sleep social media!

We can create engaging copy with visuals to match, including snappy videos, eye-catching visuals, and thumb-stopping copy.

To ensure we’re keeping your content fresh, we’ll need to extract the essence of your business from you. We promise it isn’t as painful as it sounds; we’re flexible to how you want to communicate with us. Whether it’s a monthly meeting to collect the latest and greatest from you and your team, or quick and regular communication throughout the week, we work with you.

Community Management

Once you’ve captured the attention of your dream audience, you need to keep them interested and coming back for more. Treating them mean won’t keep them keen; by building a rich community around your brand online, your audience are much more likely to buy into your brand personality and stick around… Enter community management.

Talking about yourself is good, but others talking about you is gold! 🤩 And your customers are your biggest advocates. You need to keep your brand’s finger on the pulse and make sure you’re part of the wider conversation – the ones that your audience care about.

From quality customer service to dedicated outreach, we’ll have you embedded in your community in no time.

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Influencer Marketing

It’s no secret your audience want their content consistent, fresh, all singing and dancing (literally)… Equally, it needs to resonate. Enter influencer marketing.

Collaborating with a public figure your target audience identifies with can not only gain you exposure, but also brand buy in. The age old ‘people buy people’ theory is here to stay.

Choosing the right people for your brand is where it gets complicated. Whether you’re prioritising Instagram influencer marketing, TikTok, or both, we’re here to help ensure you get the most out of your collaboration.

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Social reporting

Everything we do is backed up by numbers. By ensuring we report on metrics that are important to you and your business goals, we can support you in monitoring your return on investment and key performance indicators. When it comes to your bottom line, we understand you’re not dabbling for the fun of it. We back up our activity with cold hard stats, allowing you to not only see where the successes lie, but also where changes need to be made.

Social Media Management FAQs

We get it, we love Emily in Paris, too. And whilst ‘going viral’ isn’t as easy as TV would have us believe, it also isn’t the right goal for every brand. We focus on what works for your audience, connecting you with your target customer to maximise your chance of success.

Social trends are ‘something’ that a mass audience is reacting to and sharing, could be across multiple channels, or maybe just one, like TikTok. They give you the opportunity to become part of the wider conversation and get noticed. But they are dynamic and fluid, so being up to date on a trend is vital.

Any good social media strategy is underpinned by business goals and objectives. Once you know what it is you’re trying to achieve you can get a better idea what role your social media plays in the wider mix. A social strategy should use business, platform, industry and consumer insight to set out a plan for; social media creative content, positioning, timing, customer service, KPI’s and more.

We work with you to find out what matters to your brand, business objectives, and goals. Generally speaking, the golden trio we report on are engagement rate, reach, and web traffic.

We love it when you talk technical. Social media is an upper funnel supporting channel, which means its primary function is to raise awareness and increase visibility of your brand. That means that, when your ideal customer slips down into the consideration and conversion phases, they’ve already had your brand in their line of sight to establish a level of trust. It can also help with customer retention by providing a community for your audience to buy into.

Whilst there’s no definitive answer to this, from our experience our clients dedicated a minimum of 25% of their working week to their own social media before starting with us. That’s around 2 hours a day, 5 days a week.

We’d always recommend allocating budget to your social channels to further their impact and guarantee relevant audience reach. Investing in your content is an important part of any social media management strategy.